Our Campaign Priorities

Continuing a Tradition of Innovation and Excellence

In a rapidly changing world, we want to equip our students with the skills that are most important for success in the 21st-century world. To that end, our priorities for the Bicentennial Campaign are clear: to fuel innovative program growth, to attract and retain top-notch faculty who will lead those programs, and to provide our students with an exceptional learning environment where they can live, study, and thrive.

With a goal of $30 million, the Bicentennial Campaign for New Hampton School will help to grow our endowment to ensure that these priorities can be achieved and sustained — guaranteeing that our graduates are more prepared than ever for successful lives as active global citizens.


Campaign Priority

People and Programs

Attracting and retaining top-notch faculty to teach, coach, and lead our programs is critical to our mission of empowering students and to sustaining our school’s excellence. Innovative programs are also vital, as these programs help to differentiate our school and set our graduates apart. And lastly, funds dedicated to increasing our financial aid create greater access, making possible a diverse and rich experience for all our students.


Campaign Priority

Community Spaces

One of the strengths of New Hampton School is our stunning campus and its vast array of resources. To ensure that our learning environment continues to develop, the Bicentennial Campaign includes a number of investments in critical community spaces. These investments will enhance the learning and living experiences for all who call New Hampton School home.


Campaign Priority

Annual Operating Support

While we want the Bicentennial Campaign to benefit future generations, we must also remain focused on the present. The Fund for New Hampton is a critical component of the Bicentennial Campaign and an important ongoing source of revenue for our school. Every gift to The Fund for New Hampton, at every level, is a gift to the Bicentennial Campaign and will help in achieving our $30 million goal.

We need a new generation of thinkers and problem-solvers: engaged global citizens capable of translating good thinking into meaningful action to make our world a better place.

Karl V. Kimball ’74