Impact Stories

The Power
of Together

Through the years, countless individuals have contributed to our school’s success. This generosity has helped to shape the transformational education that distinguishes New Hampton School, and that proud legacy of support continues today with the success of our Bicentennial Campaign. Here we share the stories of people whose lives are shaped by the New Hampton experience.

Student Stories

Delaney Smith ’20

Growing up, Delaney Smith was always reminded by her parents of how fortunate they were and how important it was to give back. “My father always helped others with free law support, and my mother spent her free time supporting disabled children in distressed homes,” says Delaney

Briana Cardwell ’13

“I saw so many excellent, beautiful schools that anyone would be lucky to attend,” she recalls. “But when I toured New Hampton, I just sensed that this was the place for me. Even though I didn’t look like most of the other students and grew up in probably very different circumstances, everyone made me feel welcome and comfortable — not just during the tour, but during my entire time at New Hampton.”

Patrick Saunders ’08

Many if not most students at NHS come from towns and cities much larger than New Hampton, New Hampshire. It may take some time to adjust to the quiet and relative geographic isolation of the School. So you would think that someone who grew up in nearby Gilford (population 7,700) would feel right at home, right away. But that wasn’t quite the case for Patrick Saunders. He needed to make a different kind of adjustment.

Alumni Stories


Jeff Glidden is a member of the Board of Trustees and Co-Chair, along with Andronica Wheelock P’18, of the Bicentennial Campaign Cabinet. Jeff holds fond memories of his New Hampton School experience as a member of the Class of 1968.

Class of 1972

A Golden Gift

As part of their 50-year reunion and celebration last year, the Class of 1972 donated a gift to New Hampton School designed to maintain both the academic opportunities and physical integrity of NHS during the next 50 years — and beyond.

Earl ’62 And Barbara Lewis

“I struggled as a student,” Earl “Skip” Lewis recalls of his elementary and early high school years. “I had trouble reading — the letters would get transposed. Back then, dyslexia wasn’t really known, understood, or diagnosed.”

Parent Stories


Andronica Wheelock serves as a member of the Board of Trustees and as Co-Chair of the Bicentennial Campaign Cabinet, which is tasked with helping to lead the fundraising efforts. Andronica developed an appreciation for philanthropy early on as a child.

Bill and Sally Van Ingen P21

Sometimes, you just know when a decision is the right one. That’s how Bill and Sally Van Ingen felt when they and their son, Will, visited New Hampton School during their search for a prep school.

Veronica Kent P’21

When the youngest of Veronica Kent’s three children scored unusually high on the Massachusetts Comprehensive System (MCAS) test in elementary school, Veronica knew that her daughter, Nora, had a great academic future.