Alumni Stories

A Golden Gift

Class of 1972

As part of their 50-year reunion and celebration last year, the Class of 1972 donated a gift to New Hampton School designed to maintain both the academic opportunities and physical integrity of NHS during the next 50 years — and beyond.

The gift has two components. The first is an Endowment Fund, which celebrates the return to coeducation, in 1970 after the school became an all-boys college preparatory boarding school in 1926. (The first female boarding students graduated with the class in ’72).

The endowment will provide scholarship assistance to incoming female students who exemplifies the values of New Hampton School. This endowment aligns with the objectives of the Bicentennial Campaign to support the School’s people and programs by providing access for deserving students, professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, and programmatic support to ensure the most relevant academic offerings are available to students.

The second component of the gift is the Class of 1972 Outdoor Meeting Space, a gorgeous new gathering space on Blueberry Hill, behind Lane Hall, that adds to the beauty and appeal of the New Hampton campus. Completed last spring, the meeting space features beautiful landscaping and outdoor seating and meeting areas. The view is inspiring; the gift, golden.